Pentian Books at Book Expo America 2015

Pentian Books at Book Expo America 2015
mayo 11, 2015 Chema
In L&T

Get Discovered – By the Right Readers!!

Tools & Marketing Mania
Time 10:00am-10:50am
Room 1E08
Every author wants their books to be discovered by readers! Most important is to reach the right readers – the ones who are fans of your genre, readers you want to engage with you and discover your new books as well as easily find your backlist titles. Join industry experts as they share critical insight into best practices for authors in getting discovered. From keywords that are important for search to metadata that can enhance an author’s ability to be discovered, you will get the information needed to reach the right target audiences and increase your presence online. Learn the latest tips on Search Engine Optimization – helping readers find your website and books! Listen in on case studies of different self-published books in markets around the world, and gain insight on strategies that helped authors get discovered!

Moderator: Steven Spatz, President, BookBaby
Speakers: Mark Lefebvre, Director, Kobo Writing Life & Author Relations; Ralph Coviello, Publisher Relations Manager, Bowker, a ProQuest affiliate; Enrique Parrilla, CEO,

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