Pentian CEO: 'Publishing with a Purpose Is a Privilege'

Pentian CEO: 'Publishing with a Purpose Is a Privilege'
noviembre 16, 2015 Chema
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In the latest entry in Digital Book World’s series Interviews in Innovation, we sat down with Enrique Parrilla, founder and CEO of the Spanish crowdfunding publisher Pentian.

One trouble people find with crowdfunding projects is that once the donation is met, there is little incentive for backers to continue offering support. Pentian, however, has found that by offering backers a financial return on their investment, they are more likely to get support throughout the project, particularly upon a book’s release.

Having brought their services over to the US a little over a year ago, Pentian has gone through some changes and has several more on the horizon. To get the latest from the publisher, we spoke with Parrilla to discuss the company’s reception in America, what the process of using the service is like, and what’s in store for the future.

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